I Believe…

I believe in love. I believe it is the one thing that can change the world and evil conditions of a soul. I believe in heaven. I believe you must fall down and break something in order to live a full life. I believe your heart should be broken once or twice so you know what it feels like when it’s whole. I believe in Jesus and the power of resurrection. I believe that we are all born to live a life, not of ourselves, but full of other people! I believe we are all here for a purpose. I believe everyone has compassion somewhere in their soul. I believe the heart is a muscle and it must be used and worked out often for it to work at full capacity. I believe in baring your soul and that living in a world of transparency can make a real difference. I believe in getting dirty once in a while and that a little dirt and mud never hurt anyone. I believe in traveling the world and opening your life to experiences. I believe there is a perfect person out there for everyone. I believe that the experiences of life are like little puzzle pieces. One by one, they barely make sense but put together you get a beautiful picture of life. I believe faith is everything and hard work is vital to achieve your goals. I believe in laughing; laughing a lot. I believe everyone can be happy no matter what circumstances they may face. I believe in forgiveness and beauty. I believe smiling can change someone’s day and that sometimes you just gotta cry to make it through the day. I believe being humble and living below your means helps you learn how to value the right things. I believe that sometimes you gotta run or drive to nowhere so you can feel what it’s like to have no direction and be grateful for the times you do have a destination. I believe everyone should be serenaded atleast once in their life. I believe in getting deep and acting silly. I believe you must let go and allow the depths of your soul to be free. I believe being a person of character is crucial to life. I believe nobody is perfect and we should all stop striving to be and holding others to the standard that we ourselves can’t even meet. I believe in dancing in the rain and kissing the sky with your dreams. I believe in peace. I believe in freedom. I believe you’re only really free when you don’t care what others think. I believe in expressing yourself to be who God created you to be. I believe in a love that died for me. I believe that sometimes God leaves¬†it all up to me to be free to believe in what I want to believe.

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