Christian Cleavage

I’m reposting this article from Relevant magazine because I think it is brilliant; it is everything I’ve wanted to say but never found the words or courage to.

I get constant hate mail (usually from woman) saying that my cleavage is negative to my ministry. I wish I could say I agree!

I have never posted a picture in hopes someone would notice my cleavage or to show it off. But when you have DD (nearly DDD) boobs it’s not always the easiest thing to cover up! I could be wearing a turtleneck and someone would still find a problem with my boobs.

I’m tired of having to cover up to please everyone when the real issue is that we (women) are being over-sexualized by men. The fact that a centimeter of cleavage is what is getting people off track and making them think my witness to Jesus is hindered, is ridiculous!

Yes, I believe in modesty, you will not see me running around in bikinis and posting nude or scantily clad selfies, and you will not ever see me post a picture of my cleavage intentionally!

If there is cleavage in my pictures it is truly unintentional! God is dealing with me on much more important and bigger issues then my boobs! I’m sorry this has caused such a controversy with my followers that you feel the need to condemn and even attack my character and witness to Jesus!

Like this article says there is a much bigger issue at hand- the fact that men are sexualizing their sisters in Christ. We need to deal with the rod in our own eye before trying to remove the rod in another’s!

To read Christian Cleavage from Relevant Magazine: Click Here


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