CureSearch for Children’s Cancer SLC Walk

This past weekend, I was honored to walk in the Salt Lake City CureSearch for Children’s Cancer Walk in Remembrance of Austin Masson.

I was overwhelmed with the love of God and Strength that Surrounded me while at the Walk. You could literally feel Joy, Strength, and Heartache in the air.  I have never been so humbled, taken aback, and felt so blessed all at the same time before. The kids at the walk showed more Courage, Hope, Strength, and Faith than I could ever dream of! They are the True Heroes of Today!

This past winter I had the pleasure of getting to know Austin’s mom, Dawn Masson when I was invited to an event on Facebook, and although I rarely look at events on FB, I happened to look at Dawn’s Event. It was a small fundraiser that Dawn had put together herself in hopes to raise enough money to get enough money to get her son, Austin, a headstone who had recently passed away from Leukemia.

As I read her story, My heart immediately went out to this beautiful, courageous woman.

Dawn Masson, a Single Mom, who’s son, Austin Masson, was born with Down Syndrome, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in January 2009.  In Sept 2011, after being in remission, Austin developed a virus, which over reacted due to chemotherapy.

Shortly before Austin’s turn for the worse in September, Dawn learned she was pregnant with her third child. During her pregnancy Austin went through many biopsies and surgeries as well as had a third of his lung removed (They later learned that the virus was called LG Lymphomatoid Granulomatosis, which is extremely rare). The virus ended up taking over many of Austin’s organs within days and Dawn was faced with a very difficult decision.  With two organs failing at once, and knowing that it would be a very rough turn around from multiple organ failure (if at all), Dawn decided she couldn’t let  Austin go through it anymore.

Austin Masson passed away on October 21, 2012.

Dawn was six months pregnant.

Her daughter Peyton was born April 4, 2012.

After I read her story, I found myself in tears wishing I could do something. Being a single mom, I not only have a soft spot for other single moms, but also having an amazingly Beautiful Niece with Down Syndrome, I knew that the world had lost a true angel with Austin.

I immediately started calling some of my friends for help to get Austin a headstone. We were able to gather over $1500 worth of items for Dawn to raffle off at her Fundraiser in just a day.

I fully believe that it was Divine Intervention from God that I met Dawn, and I thank God for the chance to get to know her and her family. Dawn’s Courage and Strength deeply impacted my life and humbled me. God will never Give you Anything that You Can Not Handle!



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