Fired Up

Ok, so maybe I am a little crazy at times (who isn’t!?!) lol but God has me all fired up lately. For some time I have felt this overwhelming sense of urgency to not only share Jesus with others but encourage people to get to know him on a deeply personal basis.

Something I have come to notice is that it seems that most people have become so content to commune with Moses, that they forget they can just “walk up the mountain” and commune with God himself! So many of us (myself included) have become comfortable in just being spoon fed messages on Sunday’s instead of getting in God’s word for ourselves and finding out who he is on a personal level.

We need to be attentive to inviting Jesus into everything we do and make it a habit to seek his presence daily.

Friends… I can’t tell you how many people, not only think I’m crazy, but actively go out of their way to tell me I am because I’m so passionate about God. People tell me all the time that that’s all I talk about! But when you’re in love with someone they consume you and your entire life! Jesus deserves no less than that kind of love from us! He laid his life down for you! Look I’ll be the first one to admit, I probably am crazy, lord knows I feel crazy sometimes, but I’m crazier about Jesus and what he’s done for me than seeming sane to the world! Remember, we are called to stand out in the world and told that not everyone is going to like is when we follow Jesus! So if I seem crazy, then so be it!

I wish I could tell you that it comes naturally to me and that I easily pursue God in everything I do, but I’d be lying if I said that. If you think it’s easy following God, you’re mistaken. Do you think it’s easy being passed up by friends and not being invited to go places anymore because people don’t want to hear another word about Jesus or want to go have fun without thinking or being reminded if they’re sinning or not? Do you think it’s fun constantly being overlooked by guys who don’t even give a second thought about dating you because you’re a little too involved with Jesus, which to them probably means I’m a prude and that I most likely won’t put out? (Don’t act like that’s not a true statement or thought, y’all! Lol) Do you think it’s easy being called crazy and second guessing yourself and wondering if there really is something wrong with you because your parents, family and closest friends constantly tell you that you’re a little nuts sometimes!? Do you think it’s easy to stay in by yourself on Friday and Saturday nights so you’re careful to not put yourself in places of temptation? Do you think it’s fun to feel so unbelievably alone and that the only person you can ever really count on or trust is Jesus? Hell no! It’s hard!

Here’s my thing… I trust God with everything I am and everything I have… It’s people I don’t trust. We all have a selfish, sinful nature and sadly that’s the side most people project to the world. Y’all I’m not going to lie, I miss having carefree days of fun and laughter… I miss letting loose once in a while, I miss having people to talk to and do random things with! Sometimes, I even miss the days my conscience wasn’t on constant play! But honestly whenever I try to just let go and have fun, I’m grieved for the people who think that partying and drinking and chasing after attention and appreciation is truly fulfilling! I’m grieved for the people who don’t know Jesus and are on the path towards an eternity in hell! I’m grieved for those who choose to be ignorant to the fact that they are just lukewarm Christians and only follow God on Sunday’s! I’m grieved for the hypocrisy of the church and the laws of religion we feel we must follow! I’m grieved for the people who don’t think God cares about every little detail of their lives… that following him and his word is just a chore!

Y’all God wants us to be crazy about him! He wants us to invite him into every little thing in our lives! Do you think God doesn’t want you to ask him what brand of milk to buy? Think again! He gets excited when we invite him into the minuscule and mundane!
I can’t stress this enough… none of this “stuff” in life matters! This life is so short! Nothing can even come close to comparison when you are eternally focused! Seriously we need to stop going through the motions of life and wake up! Friends, whether you like it or not, Jesus is coming back… Soon! Look at what’s happening in the world, in our country!

We need to stop waiting to get ready for Jesus’ coming and live every day, ready! It could be today, tomorrow, or ten years from now! Who knows…? But waiting for everything to come together and be perfect or waiting to surrender to Jesus until you’ve had a little fun isn’t the way to think!
This world is hurting and so many people are broken in this world… so many people are searching for fulfillment and joy! I talk to so many people that “wish” they could do something more or make a difference or an impact in the world… Friends, there is nothing you could do that will change the world more than living unashamed and completely surrendered to God! Is it going to be easy? No. Is it going to be lonely and painful at times? Yes. But is it going to be worth it when you stand in front of Jesus and say “Here I am… I lived for you! I gave you my all”? Hell yes!

Friends, I urge you to get right with God and start living every aspect of your life for him, NOW! Get in God’s word and sit in HIS presence! Get to know him and his merciful love on a personal level! Take Jesus with you into everything you do. Praise him and follow him every day, not just on Sunday’s or when things get tough!

You want to make a difference and an impact for Gods kingdom? Then fall in love with Jesus and you will impact the world more than you will ever know!

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