I am Strong

I am strong. I may be sensitive and weak at times but what makes me strong is the fact I keep getting back up and trying again. God could have taken me when I tried to commit suicide; I could have looked at my failure of death and tried again, but Instead I said “ok God lets do it your way!”. I dusted myself off from the dirty tear stained floor and stood up in Jesus’ strength. I walked in his footsteps and tried life again. 

Friends, you can be at the lowest of the low, in the pit of despair having lost everything and everyone but you can still get back up! What makes you strong is the fact you keep trying. You can do it! Dust yourself off and give God the control of your life. 

Giving God control doesn’t mean you won’t be tested and tried, it means when you are you have the same strength and power that raised Jesus from the dead inside of you. It means you’ll make it one way or another because God is leading and protecting you. 

When you relinquish control to God, anything can happen! That’s the fun of it! You never know when God will make the impossible possible! Chin up dear, you can do it!

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