SNEAK PEEK: NEW Limited Edition Tees

Exclusive LIMITED EDITION ‘New Creation’ Shirts are NOW available thru Tuesday December 1st, 2015. All sizes and more styles and colors available now!

 As hard as it is for me to admit, I recently lost my job (again!), this time with no severance or pay. A few months ago my boss got news he had stage 4 cancer and after battling it for months and undergoing daily radiation and chemo, which hurt business, a lot! As a result, my work could no longer afford to keep some of us. 

Although my pride is screaming to not let anyone know that I am jobless and nearly homeless once again or ask for help, the reality of the holidays coming up and realizing that I can’t even afford rent for the next month, let wine few months, has led me to prayerfully consider designing a few shirts in hopes of raising some money so I am not homeless before or after the holidays. 

I can’t even express how grateful I am to all of you who continue to follow my journey and support and pray for me. It means the world to me! All I will say is that one day this crazy journey of mine will be one hell of a book! Lol 

If you would kindly consider supporting me by buying and sharing the shirts, I would greatly appreciate it! 

I pray y’all like the shirts and that they will, not only open the doors to talk about Jesus, but will help spread the gospel to the nations! 

More shirts and designs will be available soon, so keep checking back for more!




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